Ray Merrihew speaks at Associated Psychotherapists of Vermont Annual Gathering
Center for Human Potential - Ray Merrihew

I am grateful for the inspiration from so many people, including most of you as well as Z B and B K. And when I first sat down to prepare this, I felt Mary and my parents, Robert and Hazel, and others present. In my mind I heard, "You are a Spiritual Being, Ray. Begin your presentation and we will help." I relaxed and the thoughts flowed freely. And it felt so good. I was high on Spirit.


Example: I looked at movies and TV shows over the past 40 years. Until about 2000 there were only around 20 movies or shows dealing with space, spirituality, other Beings, psychic material, awakening, etc. The 60 top TV shows 1970-1990 contained only 1such show, Quantum Leap. Since 2000 there have been over 70 such shows! We have changed.

And then there is numerology: 2008 = 2+8 =10 = 1 which means Spiritually uplifting. And October 18, 2008 = 29 which =s 11 which means Spiritual gains; questioning of present ideals.

Spirit: I grow when I become aware of Spirit, so I want to share Spirit with you today.

Our Consciousness is becoming conscious: This is a time of immense potential. The Q'uero in Peru, descendants of the Incas, say that this is the time of meeting ourselves again. The Hopi Elders have made it even clearer, "We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the Ancient Ones." It is time, Now, to Dream the New Dream. With our Intentions and Insights, we are already weaving the threads of the fabric of Creation. Let us accept our Whole-ness, our Holiness, our Divine nature. Let us Awaken to our Spirit Path, and to our abilities and responsibilities of co-creation as Luminous Beings, that we may Dream well, for the joy of all Consciousness. Who says this? Many many people over the years.

There is an old science fiction book by Sir Arthur C. Clark, called Childhoods End. The story is that at some point in time on Earth, children begin to be born with adult minds and with amazing capabilities including unaided space flight. As they grew up, one by one they flew upwards away from Earth, to join other grown-ups.

Today we have the Indigo Children. They seem to be born knowing what I had to be taught. I remember watching my daughter explaining to my 3 year old granddaughter why she shouldn't do something, and my granddaughter just said okay and stopped doing it, permanently. She taught herself to read that same year.

In her book Beyond The Indigo Children, P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D. states: We need "a science of intuition ... enabling us to weave our intentions directly into the fabric of what we want to manifest." She "beckons us to drop our fears and dogmas and grow into the conscious spiritual beings that we are." She adds, "Certainly Consciousness has a plan."

She says 90% of DNA was considered junk. But there is evidence now that the increase in child geniuses and unusually psychic children being born today are using some of this "junk" DNA.

The Shift: A very recent movie on You Tube by www.theshiftmovie.com states that if we want peace in the world, it must begin with the children.

In Thank God for Evolution, Michael Dowd says "God's creativity didn't stop (with the big bang) - it continues today." "God has set the Universe Expanding and Complexifying." It is in our DNA.

Rupert Sheldrake: "We live in a radically evolutionary universe with its own inherent memory." On September 2, 2008, in a video presentation on YouTube, he spoke of the Extended Mind. He said, "Minds are spread out fields far beyond the brain. Your mind reaches out to touch what you are looking at."


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