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From the DVD "What the (bleep) do we know" a quantum physicist says: Our brains are receiving 400 billion bits of information a minute yet we are only aware of 400,000 bits. Many people have said we only use 5 or 10 % of our brain. So there's plenty of room for expansion. We are not trapped at today's level of functioning!

We have far more than 6 senses We are so much more than is generally accepted, and have far more abilities than are acknowledged. To mention only a few: I've found Time to be relative, twice. In 1976 a 5 hour trip was shortened to 4 hours, despite heavy traffic and never speeding. I was in time for a meeting, but I should have been at least an hour late. On Christmas Eve 2006, I was driving home from New Hampshire, very relaxed, seldom even being up to the speed limit. The 3 hour trip took only a little over 2 hours. I know a family of 7 in which the 5 children always want their mother to drive because the trips will be so much shorter. This is a routine happening for them.

I took part in a Remote Viewing test this summer. I didn't do very well, but a classmate had a nearly 100% hit. One of the targets was an old fashioned round alarm clock, set at 5:00. He got the clock, but had the time wrong! Me, I got a circle.


Barbara Marx Hubbard says: "Quantum Transformation is Nature's way." "Our intent needs to work with Nature." Our DNA is "being driven by 13 billion years of progressive evolution," like a strong wind of creativity behind and within us. "We are designed to evolve and doing so is our inherent nature." It is in our DNA. Ilya Prigogine's theory of "Dissipative Structures" says that when anything collapses, something more complex is created. And this happens because "...evolving is our built-in spiritual goal, pushed by 13 billion years of progressive evolution. To evolve is our DNA heritage. Anything is possible, anything." And as, Brian Swimme says, "For the DNA, there is never Enough."

Barbara speaks of Complexification of the Universe. The way the Universe builds up complexity creates a synergy that has beneficial affects, a mutually enhancing relationship.


Jean Houston at Jean Houston On-Line says our purpose "is to engender The Passion for the Possible in our human development while discovering ways of transcending and transforming the local self so that extraordinary life can arise!"

Teilhard de Chardin's book The Phenomenon of Man: In his Complexity Consciousness theory he says, "if you look at evolution as a spiral, at every turn of the spiral there was a jump in consciousness and freedom to greater complexity – from the molecule to a cell, to an animal, to a human." (And where to next?)

In Brian Swimme's DVD The Earths Imagination, He says the human species now is in a new realm of many, many possibilities. Our challenge is to transform our mind, our consciousness to deal with new possibilities, yet our consciousness is "flat earth" oriented. Strategies that work well in the micro are disastrous system wide, at the macro level. We need macro intelligence to deal with today's problems. I think it was Einstein who said, "A problem cannot be solved at the level of consciousness at which it was created."

How are we to do that? Brian says, "Imagination and play provide the possibilities of seeing the new, of creating changes," of enabling "the future to influence the now."

Swimme says that once committed to the Mind of the Whole, we can develop "Comprehensive Compassion" - to take part in the Universe instead of using parts of it and ignoring the rest. "Evolution won't permit ignoring or discounting the Universe." "Life has a purpose."

Susan Mokelke, song writer, singer and Shaman, in her CD "Teachings from the Spirit, sings:
"All Creation flows in our veins – in Holy Harmony."

"Be a Light, let your Spirit shine – it's what we're here for."

"Wake up and hear it, the call of the Spirit !"

And now, let us Awaken a little together today!


- October 18th, 2008

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