"He's good, I'm glad you're seeing him"

"We both thank you for all you have done for and given us"

"...your sessions have really helped -- probably the first time I've been heard"

"... your consultation ... has helped me a great deal. I no longer blame myself"

"You are very good at what you do (meditation)""

"You don't think I'm nuts and most of all, you don't laugh (at me)"

"You have enriched my life so much and I thank the Universe daily for your (caring)"

"I have heard that Ray is the nicest guy -- very easy to talk to -- a great counselor"

"There is a peacefulness about you. It is easy to talk with you"

"Be secure in the knowledge that you have helped someone become a better person"

"Your clients are fortunate to have you"

"Thanks for everything. You made me see what I was missing"

"Thank you for all you do and all you have done!"

"I could not have endured or cared to without your teaching"

"You've changed a lot of lives, Ray, thanks for helping me with mine"

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