Ray Merrihew - Center For Human Potential

"We couldn't have come this far without Ray's insight into what was really going on in our relationship"

"The ability that you have, Ray, that many others don't, is that you understood that my pain was real"

"I remember how terrible and hopeless I felt when I first came to you: now I look forward to the future"

"I don't think I could have recovered (from alcohol & drug addiction), or ever understood how to be happy without your understanding and guidance"

"Two of the most wonderful things we learned from you: 1) Listening, 2) Talking only about our own feelings, and that you can't argue with another's feelings. We both use these all the time"

"My deepest gratitude to you for your loving compassion . . . you are a tremendous power of example"

"I passed the exam . . . I can't thank you enough!"

"I met one of your other clients at an AA meeting and we both had a lot of good things to say about you. I thought I'd tell you"

"One of the great things . . . is I know we won't be pressured to return, and that we are free to do so"

"You've been a lot of help to me, Ray, and I really appreciate it. I've enjoyed coming here"

"After I saw you last Friday, I woke up Saturday morning saying, 'I can do this; I can do this!"

"That's the best visualization I've had in 10 years!"

"Ray is great! It was the best thing that's happened for our marriage"

"You've certainly opened my eyes. I heartily recommend you to anyone who needs counseling"

"This is really helping. I feel a lot better than (before). I look forward to coming here"

"You are very professional, very good at what you do. I was very comfortable here"

"You have a good reputation 'out there' as being a straight shooter, that you can talk with easily without being yelled at or put down"


"You have a wise, healing presence"

"You have been a big help to me and I want to continue here. You are a good listener"

"Just a big word of thanks for providing me with a lot of wisdom ... you're a wonderful person"

"... you have extended your self and your heart, and made the world a better place by doing so"

"You tell it like it is and keep me on the right path"

"You have a soothing voice. I always feel calmer after a session with you"

"This is the only place I feel this peaceful"

"He's a nice guy, you stick with him and things will get better"

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